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Virtuves kombains MUM9AV5S00

Virtuves kombains MUM9AV5S00

Virtuves kombains MUM9AV5S00
Kods: MUM9AV5S00


izcelsmes valsts: Slovēnija
The new OptiMUM kitchen machine with a slim, elegant design. It ensures perfect results every time with its integrated weighing scales, timer and 1500 W.
Excellent Results
- Strong and enduring motor with 1500 W - also for very heavy
- 3D PlanetaryMixing: Fast and perfect mixing of all ingredients;
thanks to the improved planetary mixing system with a unique
stirring movement in three dimensions at the same time
- Smart Dough Sensor: Constant mixing speed at all times,
even with heavy dough and large quantities, ensures fast and
perfect results
- Huge variety of accessories open up the space for your
cooking creativity
- Customize your kitchen machine for your needs by an
extensive range of optional accessories
- Integrated scale: Ingredients can be weighed directly in the
bowl - save time while preparing
- Integrated timer: Pre-set the running time to repeat your
perfect results - the machine stops automatically
- Smart tool detection: No matter what tool is used, the
OptiMUM takes care of the maximum speed for each tool
- Extra big, brushed stainless steel bowl with 5.5 l capacity
equipped with two comfortable handles for up to 3.5 kg of
cake mixture or 1.5 kg of flour plus ingreadients for yeast
- 7 speed settings, plus pulse function, for individual speed
- EasyArmLift: Easy and effortless moving of the arm
- Easy storage: Automatic cable rewind for simple and quick
storage of the cable
- A stylish kitchen accessory that must stay on the kitchen top
to impress
- Enduring and solid housing made from aluminium die-cast
- Drive covers made from brushed stainless steel ensure high
quality appearence and touch and feel
- High security standard because of the cover over the gears
- Electronic safety shut-off prevents unexpected starting of the
motor. Rubber feet for extra stability
Accessories included
- Always find the right drive for your accessories - each drive
and also the accessories have a colour code
- Absolute stirring whisk: Perfect mixing performance as stirrer
fits perfectly the contour of the bowl; stirring of absolutely all
ingredients - similar to a soft spatula
- Full metal beating whisk: height adjustable for perfect
processing of smaller or big amounts of e.g. cream or egg
- High performance kneading hook: The special shape allows
the hook to "cut" through the dough and knead it back
together. Resulting in a more intensive kneading
Garantija: 24 mēneši
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